How do you change the mindset in a Food Desert?

The Ron Finley Project
Activation Experience Design

Ron Finley is an LA-based activist, educating Food Desert communities about the value of growing their own food (instead of relying on fast food). We helped The Ron Finley Foundation design an experiential, interactive dimension to his public appearances that enables Ron to engage with—and educate—Food Desert communities in new ways. GROW YOUR MONEY expands on Ron's core insight that growing your own food is like printing money. My Role: Creative Director, with Luis Marques, Julio D'Alfonso. I proactively brought this project to BBDO.


Growing your own food is like printing your own money. We wanted to make this message tangible, memorable, and iconic for people in communities where fresh organic food is both physically and financially out of reach. For this reason we created a new currency: bills printed just like us currency, but with live seeds screen printed on them. Unlike other virtual currencies, when planted these bills grow into actual fruits and vegetables.


In its online extension, the project allows users to calculate how much they’ll save by growing their own food, and provides guidance and mentorship. To further expand this idea, we created a social campaign, an out-of-home takeover in South LA adjacent grocery stores, and unique GROW YOUR MONEY streetwear to be sold on Ron Finley’s own website.